American Consumers Prefer Pasta Over Chocolate!

American Consumers Prefer Pasta Over Chocolate!


Recent Survey Conducted on Behalf of the National Pasta Association Shows that Americans Would Give Up Chocolate before Skipping the Spaghetti

According to a recent survey conducted for the National Pasta Association (NPA) by Kelton Research, consumers picked pasta over chocolate as the one food they could not live without.  Fifty-nine percent of Americans ages 18-54 said they would give up chocolate before they’d skip the spaghetti, elbows or fusilli.

According to the NPA survey, an average American eats pasta seven times per month and has five packages of dry pasta in their cupboard or pantry.  Tallied up, Americans eat about 20 pounds of pasta per person in the U.S. each year.

With that rate of consumption, it’s no wonder that one in five of those surveyed who had tried and failed at low carbohydrate dieting said pasta was their downfall – they missed it too much.  That compares to only 16% who said they lacked motivation to stick with the plan.

Those surveyed believe that pasta is affordable (79%), easy to prepare (80%) and a food that most people enjoy (72%).

Which pasta is found on more plates?  Thirty-two percent of those surveyed say spaghetti is their personal favorite, followed by angel hair with 16% of the votes, and penne with 11%.   Bowties came in last with only 4% of the tally.

When asked which celebrity they’d most like to share a plate of pasta with, women selected Johnny Depp over George Clooney and Denzel Washington.   Men preferred Jessica Alba over Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez.